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Aloevera Portal Danmark - Forever Living products

“Which should I buy, the C9 or the DX4?”
“Are they not just the same?”

Let us help with a quick explanation of each programme!

DX4 – This pack joined our product range in 2022. It is a four day, guided programme which is designed to create an enhanced mind-body connection by using nutritional products and supplements, along with mindfulness, goal setting and gratitude. DX4 helps you to lay the groundwork for developing positive and sustainable lifestyle changes and habits, as well as addressing wellness on a deeper level.

C9 – This pack has been around a little longer. This is a nine day, guided, nutritional change programme which combines five powerful nutritional products and supplements, with light exercise. C9 aims to help you to make better decisions about your nutrition and encourages increased movement. Unlike DX4, you can choose which flavour gel and shake you would prefer.

Both of these programmes contain our fantastic drinking gel, but otherwise contain different products in each pack. Both are beneficial in their own right, however, used back to back, with DX4 as the starting point, as C9 as the follow on, can achieve optimal wellness results.



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